• The Honorable Mayor Carolyn Goodman

    photo (3)   “Besides Liberace, you’re the most finest pianist in the world.”  
    The Hon. Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas.

  • Testimonials

    Personalized Compositions

    “…what a special time was mine yesterday as you came and brought the music that was so of the Lord.  I do believe our Lord was so with us as we listened to the music from a very gifted young man. Would love to meet Danny sometime.  I had several in my office and told them how you gather the information together and give to Danny about the person and he puts that life to music. Truly a gift from God.”

    -Tillie Burgin

    “I have just listened to Madelyn’s Theme for 2 hours non stop.  What a beautiful peaceful song!  Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful song and being part of the Valentine surprise! This peaceful song which reaches deep into my soul is exactly what I need at this time in my life.  Your talent continues to amaze me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

    -Madelyn Reassi


    On this day in 1977, you gave me the gift of fatherhood. Through you I gained a greater understanding about compassion, responsibility, leadership and love. Every day since then your spirit has continued to give to me and help me grow. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished that I wanted to give you a gift that would express how special you are to me. This song from Danny is your song, it captures your beauty, your passion and your kindness. It will withstand the lengths of time, so that other can share in your love, long after we are all gone. Happy Birthday.




    “I just heard you on KJUL from the Southpoint – You and your other performer (could not
    get the name,sorry) you both were outstanding. Your music moves back to a time
    when my life saw opportunities and dreams to conquer. When I listen to your music
    I am transported to a different time, a different world and a World of hope.

    The World needs your music more than ever. Keep Playing…

    Thank you so very much!”

    -Don B.

  • Dream A Little Dream

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  • Fan Fare

    We were forwarded a wonderful note from a fan who attended the Minocqua concert this week. It is always amazing to hear from the wonderful people who come out to show support. Thank you!

    “That was such a great evening last night. I sat this morning remembering and re-feeling the experience. Really, it was more than beautiful music to me, it was a heartfelt connection. Wow…the special, genuine person he is sure came through his music and stories. It was touching how he shared the treasured friendship between the two of you with us in the audience and it was also special seeing how you each honor that connection. What a blessing.”
    -  Jane
  • Reflections on Mainly Piano

    I am so honored to have another wonderful review of Reflections. Take a look here.

  • Reflections on Muzik Reviews

    Thank you to Dana Wright for writing such a beautiful review of Reflections!


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  • New Reflections Review

    Review: Reflections by Danny Wright

    Long before the digital era where being a fully-independent artist became the norm, pianist Danny Wright was making the world magic for solo piano. One of the most versatile New Age-based artists in the genre’s history, he has released a total of 40 recordings and sold over six million albums with an exquisite ivory touch, keen and soothing melodic sensibilities and an expansive repertoire that has encompassed classical, Broadway, pop instrumental, easy listening, Christian and adult contemporary music. The Steinway and PianoDisc artist, who has twice been named by Billboard as a Top Ten artist in the new age genre—with three of his albums ranking in the Top Ten for three consecutive years—recently excited longtime fans with the re-release of some of his famous earlier works in digital and CD formats, with re-mastering and complete package re-design.

    This mining of past gems no doubt inspired his latest burst of inspirational musings, Reflections, which at 18 tracks (on two CDs) is typical of Wright’s incredibly prolific nature as an artist. His liner notes mention that his recent achievement of some of his long term creative goals prompted a look back with gratitude on the people who have played a part in his journey—which began at the age of 4. One he makes mention of directly in the notes is a woman named Ann Nestler, whose “charming Woodstock, VT based gift shop ‘Primrose Garden’ was the first to play my music on cassette tape in 1985.” That’s how new age music was marketed in those days, and Nestler has kept things old school since then, playing only Wrights music in her shop all these years. He saves the song dedicated to her, a sweetly rendered, impressionistic rendition of “Moonlight in Vermont,” for the end of an album where each and every song is penned as a loving, longing tribute to a special person.

    Even though we might not know who the people are or what role they played in Wright’s life and career, the listener can gain a deeper, wordless understanding of the pianist’s feelings on each track. Starting with the wistful opening ballad “Reflections,” he rolls through a gentle sweep of poignant musical dedications. The carefully-selected titles help tell the tale that plays out on the keys—from the way he soars gracefully with “My Dearest Angel” to the thoughtful, dramatic rendering of “The Story of Us” and an inspiring call to “Stand Tall.” Aside from the purity of Wright’s compositions and emotional playing style, one of the most remarkable aspects of Reflections is the way the personal message becomes a universal invitation to everyone within earshot. So, while he dedicates the dark toned, richly percussive “Our Journey Together” to The Sparks Family, we can laugh and cry along as he balances the melancholy with the whimsical as the tune progresses.

    We can all relate to having a special person in our life who is “The Giving Soul” and enjoy the peaceful flow of “Dancing With The Angels.” Other highlights include the eloquent and graceful “Sister’s Love,” the gossamer, high register melody-driven “Gateway to the Soul” and the emotional and victorious “No Dragons To Slay.” “She Keeps My Heart” is one of the most romantic bits of candlelight on Reflections. While we can be hopeful that over time Wright will tell his audience who all of these wonderful people are, for now we can enjoy imagining the gentle and stirring ways they’ve touched his heart, and more importantly, inspired the music that has in turn inspired millions over the years.


    –Jonathan Widran, veteran music writer

  • Midwest Record Review of Reflections

    Whether or not vet piano instrumentalist/new ager Danny Wright is your cup of tea or not is up to you, but if you can think of anything bad to say about him, there was something wrong with your upbringing.  Occupying that rare space with other stalwarts like Jim Brickman or Kevin Kern, all of which can continually do so much with so little (meaning just fingers and keyboard, no aspersion on talents) this specially priced twofer kicks off a new mental space for Wright as he’s really put down roots in Vegas, acquired his back catalog and is stopping to look forward while looking back after the dust settles.  Glorious in its use of simplicity that too many will think they can clone or copy, it’s simply lovely and delightful instrumental music that’s warm, engaging and hard to duplicate.  Grownups know what we’re talking about.  Hot stuff.


  • Phantasys Review


    Danny Wright
    WH Sound Studio

    Pianist Danny Wright recently acquired the rights to his back catalogue and is now releasing remastered editions of many of his beloved classics. On Phantasys, originally released in 1988, Wright embellishes his exquisite piano melodies with just the right amount of Synclavier electronic keyboards, making this album a must-have—as if the wonderful piano music wasn’t enough of a lure! The music on Phantasys is timeless, but the remastering, which reveals even more depth in the music, underlines this statement and puts it in boldface type!

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  • Fan Fare

    A very sweet message from one of Danny’s biggest fans:

    Music Musings

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the beautiful piano music of Danny Wright, and have for about 25 years. I have often wondered what there was, in particular, about his music that resonated with me and touched me the first time I heard it, and has kept me a loyal fan and collector of his recordings for all these years.

    I was recently listening to one of his older CD’s called The Arrangements, and I was reminded of the reason. It is the emotion, the feeling and the heart and soul that come through his playing. It is so very evident in songs such as “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, “Looking Through the Eyes of Love”, “The Nearness of You” and “Unchained Melody”, and many others. I guess I never had thought of the piano as an emotional instrument before, for some reason, or maybe I had never heard or felt the music as I did his. But there is the answer.

    And, as much as I love his arrangements of other’s songs, it is his original compositions that I truly feel and relate to. Being able to capture a personality, a celebration of a life, a birth, a marriage, an anniversary, a triumph over a difficult situation, a special occasion, or in memory of someone who has passed on, is such a special and God-given gift. You can feel it and hear it in the music and know that it comes with love, from his heart.

    Written by: Judy Mercer